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Amazing Success Story of an Indian E-commerce start up – Straight from the horse’s mouth!

“Now, I would like to take you through the journey of Unicommerce of 26 months. We have learnt a lot. But I have ‘Cherry Picked Six Key’ learnings to share with you from products’ perspective, from sales perspective, selling to enterprise, selling to SMEs.” – Ankit Pruthi at Unpluggd The speech by Ankit Pruthi of Unicommerce… Read More »

Unicommerce’s Trip to Jim Corbett Park

Unicommerce’s Trip to Jim Corbett You might have read or heard many stories from a lot of people about their trip to Jim Corbett National Park. But the one I am going to tell you now would be the first of its kind. Are you sure you want to be a part of this journey?… Read More »

Why do Indian E-commerce sellers ask Indians to Shut up and Shop!

Indians love to talk. India has people of all kinds, shapes, sizes and colours. But one thing common among them is that they love to talk and talk some more. They believe – exchange of thought or information enhances knowledge and helps building strong relationships. In fact, they are more into conversation; particularly while making … Read More »

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Open Sprung Mattress

Choice of a good mattress really affects a great night’s sleep. This depends on whether the choice is good or bad. Mattresses are made up of a number of layers, and so is a sprung mattress. The layers include; a cover, a comforting layer and a supporting layer. Many mattresses contain spring. A long piece… Read More »

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Which Type Of Humidifier Requires Maintenance Less Than Others

We are told that too much of something or anything for that matter is poisonous. The same can be said about humidity. In this case, low humidity. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air and can thus be high or low depending on the water vapor amount. High Humidity This means that… Read More »

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Looking for the Best Backpack for your Grocery Needs

The backpack really is the best way to do grocery shopping. It allows you to reduce the need for paper and plastic bags making it better for the environment. It also gives you a place to store those reusable bags that some stores sell. So here is what to look for and avoid in order… Read More »

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